7 Tips for pike fishing in Sweden

Would you like to go pike fishing in Sweden, but you don’t know were to start? We have put 7 tips for you to help you on your way to pike fishing in Sweden!


1. Go pike fishing in cloudy or rainy weather

The best weather to go pike fishing, is when it is rainy, or at least cloudy. The rain causes an extra amount of oxygen in the water, and if the water holds a higher percentage of oxygen, the fish will get more active hunting. In the summer the water temperature can increase quite a bit, so this has a lot of impact on the activity of the fish. Also when it is cloudy you have a good chance of catching some nice pike. At a cloudless day, with a bright sun, it can be very difficult to catch a pike. Ofcourse it is possible that you catch pike at a sunny day, but th chances increase a lot when it is rainy or cloudy. If you are fishing an a bright day, you could try to fish on some places in the shade.


2. Fish at the right time

Pike is a lot more active in the early morning an evening than at daytime. So try to fish at sunrise or sunset.


3. Use different kinds of baits

Maybe it will be a bit tempting to put on the same softbait of jerkbait that worked so well last time. But don`t stick to these baits, if a bait is not paying off. Don`t be afraid to use some other bait. Also retrieving the line a bit slower of faster could make a huge difference. So don’t be afraid to chance tactics!


4. Find the right lure coulours

At a sunny day with clear water you probably would like to take some natural colours. If you are fishing in cloudy water or is the visibility bad by dusk or clouds? Than you could consider taking some intense colours.


5. Try to locate the baitfish

Try to imagine for yourself what it look like below the waterline. Are there fallen trees lying in the water? Maybe there are some docks or other obstacles in the water. Also bays and reeds are good places for baitfish to hide. If there is baitfish, there will be predators as well.


6. Use braided line

To feel the fish over a long distance. Braided line is the solution. Unlike nylon, braided line is not stretchable. So if you get a fish on, you will see this immediately on the tip of your rod. You can use about 1 meter fluorocarbon leader or a steel wire between your braided line and you bait. This to prevent your line from getting cut off by pike`s teeth, or sharp obstacles on the bottom. Be sure that your line is strong enough to withstand a pike. Pikes can become very huge and the big pikes also can take small baits.


7. Change spots

When you are fishing from the shore, it can be hard to find the right place to cast. And when you found one, you are most likely to stay longer on that spot than necessary. It is important that if you don`t catch, you move on to another spot. Compared to other predators, pike does not move big distances. So it is important not to stick to one place. This will increase the change of catching more fish. If you are fishing from a boat, this will not be such big of a problem. You can also choose to go trolling behind the boat. This is a very effective way to cover bigger distances. For someone who is a more active fisherman. This would maybe not be a perfect tactic. But maybe you can use this to go to another fishing spot.


We hope that now you have some good tips to start pike fishing in Sweden. Do you have any questions, or you would like to know something. Just contact us.


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