Guided fishing tours in Värmland

Discover the beauty of the nature, the crystal clear lakes and the ultimate peace


Fishing in beautiful

Sweden has more than 100.000 lakes. Of which around 10.500 in Värmland. Sweden is known for it`s very good pike fishing. Would you like to experience this? We will take you to the best fishing spots for pike and perch in the beautiful nature of Värmland.


What we offer

Bellyboat fishing

Come with us on a guided fishing tour and discover the peace and the silence that the Swedish nature has to offer.

Ice fishing

Experience how it is to be fishing on a frozen lake in a winter wonderland, by the heat of a cosy campfire.
Twee bellyboats op meer in Värmland
Vissen in Värmland
vier bellyboats op strand in värmland

About fishing in Värmland

Fishing in Värmland is more then only fishing… Because of the overwhelming nature, the stretched out lakes and especially the peacefulness it brings. It takes the fishing to a different dimension. This makes fishing in Värmland an awesome experience. In Sweden you can fish for different species. In the river you can find trout, grayling and salmon. The river Klarälven, only a few kilometres away of our location, is known as one of the best flyfishing spots of Sweden. We will aim for the pike and the perch on one of the nearby lakes, which are filled with plenty of pike and perch. We personally like to go out on the water with the bellyboat. Which is a fantastic way of fishing, and will be more than happy to take you with us on a guided belly boat fishing tour.

man met snoek in värmland


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Who are we?

About us

From hobby to work… that is what we (Jan and Arne Kosten) have done. Fishing is one of our favourite thing to do. And where better to go fishing than in Sweden, the land of the big fat pikes? In summertime we are almost every day out on the water, looking for fish. But also in wintertime we like to go out fishing. Even though there is a thick layer of ice on the lakes, we are often ice fishing on one of the nearby lakes.

We are fishing either with a boat, from the shore or out of the bellyboat. The last option is a very special way of fishing. You will feel very close to nature and you will not have disturbing engine noises:) Would you like to experience this yourself? Take a look here


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